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173[NTS] Re: Sorting Numbers and No-Sort: Remove Dups/Trips...

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  • Sheri
    Nov 20, 2002
      --- In ntb-scripts@y..., Jody <av1611@e...> wrote:

      > I peeked at it again. One problem was you did not turn word wrap
      > off in the copy you made. I have yet to figure out why you made
      > temp.otl, but the text used as headers is correct, so I just need
      > to, oh, look at it some more. <g> I think I know what you were
      > doing off the top of my head, pre-guessing "you."

      The sample I used had such short lines, word-wrap never occured to
      me :)

      > What I do not understand is when the lines are numbered appending
      > the number to the end of the file how that can remove dups w/o
      > sorting. Each line ends differently. Oh, I think it is coming
      > back now, hold on, yes... StrSize out to the end of the line w/o
      > the number. :) Claes G., Michael G., or Wayne VW showed me how
      > to do that a number of years ago. I know I have the Clip
      > somewhere amongst my zillions of them. <g>

      temp.otl sounds like something I should have deleted at the end of
      the clip. It's coming back to me now. I saved the line numbers in an
      outline, sorted the original file to remove duplicates, then
      retrieved the line numbers from the outline so I could re-sort back
      to the order it had prior to duplicates-removing sort. I doubt I used
      any StrSize type tests.

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