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170Re: [NTS] Re: Sorting Numbers and No-Sort: Remove Dups/Trips...

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  • Jody
    Nov 19, 2002
      Hi Harv,

      >> H="FixedRegExp4Jody"
      >> ^!Replace "{\W+}\s{\d+:\d+}" >> "\2\s\1" AIRSW
      >> ^!Replace "{\d+}:{\d+}" >> "00\1:00\2\s" AIRSW
      >> ^!Replace "\d*{\d\d\d}:\d*{\d\d\d}\s" >> "\1:\2" AIRSW
      >> ^!Select All
      >> ^!InsertText ^$StrSort("^$GetText$";False;True;True)$
      >> ^!Replace "0*{[1-9]\d*}:0*{[1-9]\d*}" >> "\1:\2" AIRSW
      >> ^!Replace "{\d+:\d+}\s{\W+}" >> "\2\s\1" AIRSW

      >With either clip I wind up with a totally sorted, 1,600 line
      >pasteboard file.
      >Jody will be able to figure out what to do but it may be
      >confusing to newer users.

      For my Clips, the user doesn't need to know anything, well, they
      need to know how to execute a Clip. <g> Once I get it all
      combined I'll post it to the list. I still need to add a blank
      line in between the sets of books. I think I can handle that, at
      least 1 out of 3 times. <g>

      So, in short, a word(s) and/or phrases are searched for via
      Ransack. Since there will be duplicates found when searching for
      THIS or THIS (apple + orange) they need to be removed and sorted
      like the Clip above does, in a real numbering method. Then the
      Clip to put it in biblical order is ran, and lastly add the blank
      lines in between groups of books. That will all be done in one
      Clip once I get it all sorted out.

      Thanks much!
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