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169Re: [NTS] Re: Sorting Numbers and No-Sort: Remove Dups/Trips...

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  • Jody
    Nov 19, 2002
      Hi Sheri, Hugo...

      >> If you change one "ChapterOne" in your sample input to
      >> "ChapterTwo", you get the sorting mixed up - I guess because
      >> you followed Jody's wording too much You sort on the numbers
      >> only... Where I sort on the beginning of the lines... I don't
      >> know what Jody really needed.

      Thanks for doing this for me.

      What I did not tell you so that it makes more sense to you now,
      is that it was fine if the *books* got out of order. Actually,
      they already are out of order at this point in the process; just
      in the Windows sorting. I already had the Clip made with the
      array to put the books in Biblical order, so that is why I mainly
      needed the chap:vs sorted. It's just that the chapter:verse
      numbers were in Windows sorting instead of a real numerical

      I haven't looked at the Perl scripts yet, but hopefully will.
      Then folks can have an option to download the huge Perl engine or
      use NoteTab's code, or should I say Sheri's. ;) If another one
      was made that worked, thanks. Sheri, I have to figure out why
      your sorting clip to remove duplicates bring it up in an outline
      does not change the text in the document. It deletes the doubles
      but sorts the lines. The outline output does not. It is the one
      you were showing the line number thing.

      Anyhow, the following works; I just need to merge it and make
      some adjustments as needed.

      Thanks again!

      >haha, seems I have too many lines in my clip. Comment out the first
      >and last lines and it sorts by Title as well as Chapter:Verse.
      >;^!Replace "{\W+}\s{\d+:\d+}" >> "\2\s\1" AIRSW
      >^!Replace "{\d+}:{\d+}" >> "00\1:00\2\s" AIRSW
      >^!Replace "\d*{\d\d\d}:\d*{\d\d\d}\s" >> "\1:\2" AIRSW
      >^!Select All
      >^!InsertText ^$StrSort("^$GetText$";False;True;True)$
      >^!Replace "0*{[1-9]\d*}:0*{[1-9]\d*}" >> "\1:\2" AIRSW
      >;^!Replace "{\d+:\d+}\s{\W+}" >> "\2\s\1" AIRSW
      >;end of clip

      Happy Script'n!
      Jody Adair

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