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168[NTS] Re: Source Code Management

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  • Sheri
    Nov 17, 2002
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      Hi Alan,

      > Whose work is that? I assumed it to be Eric's. The caret or
      circonflex or whatever it's called (^) is inserted first by itself
      then control returns to parent clip in order to insert further text
      (as opposed to farclip to a round dot clip for/to obtain and insert
      the further text).
      > Might've been made at earlier version of Ntab prior to
      development/addition of insertcode commands.

      Yes those are Eric's clip. I opened a can of many worms when I
      altered the ParamCommand and ParamFunction ones to remove their ^!
      Goto Exits :D

      > After code inserted from storage clip into doc, is there a trim or
      something that would remove a leading space?

      Ok, I getcha, I'm sure it could have been done, maybe easier, maybe
      not. Another thing about editing a document versus manipulating a
      string is the difference in number of undo's to remove it. Its kind
      of nice if after a running a clip, you can remove its effects with
      one undo.

      > I'm not trying to sway you or anyone in any certain direction. But
      others have observed and mentioned to me that I like to remain open
      to possibilities.

      I think they are good ideas, and maybe a good use will come up to try

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