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167Re: [NTS] Re: Source Code Management

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  • Alan C.
    Nov 16, 2002
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      Hi Sheri,

      >>I then had to close and reopen the quicklist (evidently so
      >>as to re load my edited changes into memory)
      >only if you're running it in the Quick list.

      Ya, I hadn't picked up on that until you pointed it out. Well, that was the very first time ever that I had edited ClipHelp.clh

      >And here's a new find. I ran a clip (using Farclip) in my
      >otl outline file. I picked a lousy one to try this on:
      >^!Close. The content of the clip is:
      >^!Close [ALL,SAVE|DISCARD]
      >Now you might think that would generate an error, or only
      >close one document. It closed them all. I'm not sure if

      SampleCode library near bottom of combobox under miscellaneous: Farclip demo2 uses a .dat file extension. But I've used it with nearly any extension such as .txt Say, along those lines, I bet it would work with a .otl extension :-)

      With farclip and a path and H="name" then appears an .otl would be (perhaps too :-)) nearly the same as the .dat file that's in Ntab samples folder.

      >>But it appears to me that Eric approached it very
      >>similarly (how caret is handled)--the exception being that
      >>containment of the data was kept to the ClipHelp.clh file
      >>instead of out sourcing via farclip to external data
      >Above, I don't see what you mean. Eric used ^!InserText in
      >the cliphelp clips. He might have had less trouble if he
      >used ^!InsertCode lol.

      H=";Internal Usage"

      ^!InsertText ^

      ^!Clip ~Circonflex
      ^!InsertText $Calc(^%Expression%)$
      ^!Goto Exit

      ^!Clip ~Circonflex
      ^!InsertText $GetDate(^%Expression%)$
      ^!Goto Exit

      Those above from near the very bottom of ClipHelp.clh

      Whose work is that? I assumed it to be Eric's. The caret or circonflex or whatever it's called (^) is inserted first by itself then control returns to parent clip in order to insert further text (as opposed to farclip to a round dot clip for/to obtain and insert the further text).

      Might've been made at earlier version of Ntab prior to development/addition of insertcode commands.

      >;^!ToolBar Join Lines
      >farclip like that then remove the semicolon? I Haven't
      >tried it; just thinking out loud.
      >Lines that start with a semicolon are comments, even in
      >round dot clips. Far clipping doesn't change that.

      oops. That's right, Ntab parser strips out line that begin with ;

      However, I tried it begin line with either a . or a space does work such as

      .^!ToolBar Join Lines

      After code inserted from storage clip into doc, is there a trim or something that would remove a leading space?

      >Running such a clip doesn't give you any string to

      (How, I've *not yet* a clue) But, well, I was toying with the idea to 1st manipulate in other ways so as to at the last step after all the choices/criteria then it sources the/a particular specified/needed round dot clip.

      >And lines that start with semicolons are
      >probably not unique to clipcode.

      In the round dot storage clips, a leading space on each line works around that.

      I'm not trying to sway you or anyone in any certain direction. But others have observed and mentioned to me that I like to remain open to possibilities.

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