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164Re: [NTS] Re: Source Code Management

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  • Alan C.
    Nov 16, 2002
      Hi Brad,

      On NoteTab www site there's a clip library by Fookes Software named Pad.clb or something nearly to that effect. It uses NoteTab to source an XML pad.xml file and format/print/output the result in format of user's choice to the web browser.

      I either need visual (initial visual display): SEE every item/thing first, then CHOOSE. Or, search (with ability to broad/narrow the search) using (usually multiple) keywords so as to find things.

      So, some day (broad/narrow search using keywords) I still want to learn Perl/mysql so that I can run my searchable data base from within NoteTab and return the results to NoteTab (hopefully so anyway).

      It's cool to do this with Perl/cgi and my Apache on Win 2k using NoteTab as the initiator of my searching (must clipboard/paste into a form in my web browser though in order to initiate the cgi). Serves up the results in web browser in my choice of formatting style. Or, just use Perl without the cgi and capture the results in NoteTab.

      Learning curves galore though. And, I'm not far along with it yet either. Only teeny basics so far; nothing to share.

      And when I learn Linux better I can also run the same Perl/mysql data base of sorts creation there too.

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