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162[NTS] Re: Source Code Management

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  • Sheri
    Nov 16, 2002
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      --- In ntb-scripts@y..., "Alan C." <acumming@c...> wrote:

      > I realize you're speaking of retrieving from an outline doc.
      > But doesn't a non-executable clip in a clip library (round dot)
      just paste its text into the current document. Well it does, I know
      that. I've sometimes used them to store things that I paste. But
      I've not done it enough to know whether certain characters can/cannot
      have any impact.
      > So I wondered if it ought be mentioned

      Hi Alan,

      If you use a clip to retrieve the text in a clip or an outline topic,
      and assign that text to a variable, that's when it is subject to
      being misinterpreted. The content of the text could even mess up the
      initial assignment.


      text of topic of is:

      ^!Set %v1%="abc";%v2%="xyz"

      Your clip comes along captures it with:

      ^!Set ^%TopicText%="^$GetText$"

      What do you suppose ^!Info ^%TopicText% will show?

      It shows:
      ^!Set %v1%="abc

      Setcode does a better job, but remember that ^%TopicText% will be
      subjected to interpretation in every subsequent clip command or
      function that uses it.

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