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160Re: Source Code Management

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  • Sheri
    Nov 16, 2002
      --- In ntb-scripts@y..., "Brad Adkins" <brad.j.adkins@b...> wrote:
      > I'm interested to know if anyone out there has any clips
      > to manage source code, i.e., perl/plsql/shell scripts/etc.
      > I'm especially interested in any approaches that allow the
      > creation and maintenance of individual scripts (as topics)
      > within a NoteTab Outline document...? Examples of
      > functionality I would like to see supported (via Clips?)
      > within Outline documents are (as pertains to individual
      > topics): version control of a topic, ftp a topic to/from
      > some destination, saving the contents of a topic to a
      > local folder/network folder, save the contents of a topic
      > as an html page, others? Does this sound interesting to
      > anyone? Or has anyone already gone down this road?
      > Regards, Brad

      Hi Brad,

      If you're on the clips list you know that I've been working on an
      outline based clip helper. I had been thinking about adding other
      types of reusable to script code to it. The only problem with using
      clips to manage source code is the potential misinterpretation of
      some characters in retrieved topics by the clip interpreter.
      Semicolons caused issues in my clip syntax outline. Depending on what
      you do with the outline text during retrieval, there could be issues
      with other characters as well. As long as you're aware of it, these
      issues can be overcome by using StrReplace to temporarily replace
      the characters before and after various operations, and by treating
      the source code as "code" rather than the text.

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