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150Re: [NTS] Re: Sorting Numbers and No-Sort: Remove Dups/Trips...

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  • hsavage
    Nov 8, 2002
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      > Sheri wrote:
      > Hi Jody and Hugo,
      > It probably still doesn't do what you want, but look and see. I
      > haven't looked at yours yet Hugo, will do so in a bit.
      > Sample Input:
      > H="FixedRegExp4Jody"
      > ^!Replace "{\W+}\s{\d+:\d+}" >> "\2\s\1" AIRSW
      > ^!Replace "{\d+}:{\d+}" >> "00\1:00\2\s" AIRSW
      > ^!Replace "\d*{\d\d\d}:\d*{\d\d\d}\s" >> "\1:\2" AIRSW
      > ^!Select All
      > ^!InsertText ^$StrSort("^$GetText$";False;True;True)$
      > ^!Replace "0*{[1-9]\d*}:0*{[1-9]\d*}" >> "\1:\2" AIRSW
      > ^!Replace "{\d+:\d+}\s{\W+}" >> "\2\s\1" AIRSW
      > ;end of clip

      Sheri, Hugo,

      I get identical sorts from either clip using a list of numbers gleaned
      from a previous email.

      Both clips, in their current state, must be used on a list in a doc with
      nothing else in it or they will sort the complete file.

      With either clip I wind up with a totally sorted, 1,600 line pasteboard

      Jody will be able to figure out what to do but it may be confusing to
      newer users.

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