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128Re: [NTS] RegExp and Whole Words

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  • Alan C.
    Oct 14, 2002
      Hi Sheri,

      >But in non-Regexp searches (in Notetab)
      >when "Whole word" is checked "te" wouldn't find "Note".

      Yes mine act same.

      Notetab done changed on me. Ntab did not used to have the C (complete whole word) option (in what millenium did Eric do that?)

      ^!Find "te" ISC
      ^!IfError err
      ^!Goto exit
      ^!Prompt te not found
      ; C complete whole word
      ; T look through inside other words too


      when a delimiter exists as above then whole words finds te

      but remove the C and instead use the T and the notetab word the te is found (proper since can find within a larger word)

      >a match "option" for "whole words" in Perl (such as Notetab has for

      to look for te

      such regex match option in Perl is


      or a boundary switch on each side of te probably would do it as well


      I didn't know any regex at all, not even Ntab's.

      Since I have some good books for learning Perl includes regex.

      Then for last year and a half or so I been learning Perl as well as Perl's regex.

      I figured I wouldn't need to learn Ntab's regex.

      Perl also can regex directly on disk file(s) also dir(s) then those results could be captured in Ntab.

      Alternatively, there's the runperl command which could use perl regex directly on a Ntab doc.

      I've heard there can be a slowness with Perl as compared to Ntab. But I don't understand that and wonder if it could be worked around just by using a different method as in one of those above two (runperl or disk file/capture) methods.

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