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126Re: [NTS] RegExp and Whole Words

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  • Sheri
    Oct 14, 2002
      --- In ntb-scripts@y..., "Alan C." <acumming@c...> wrote:

      > Yes, to my knowledge, the Perl regex has whole word switch(s).
      > But I forget what whole word in Notetab means. If it means do a
      find for te in Notetab and the te is found therein

      Hi Alan,

      Its pretty moot since "Whole Word" is not an option in Notetab when
      Regexp is elected. But in non-Regexp searches (in Notetab)
      when "Whole word" is checked "te" wouldn't find "Note". Perl and
      Notetab both have special patterns for matching in Regular
      Expressions (Perl's being more extensive than Notetab's), but to have
      a match "option" for "whole words" in Perl (such as Notetab has for
      non-Regexp), wouldn't it have to be like the g (global) and i (case
      insensitive) options? I don't think there is one.

      Sheri (Perl novice)
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