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  • Adrien Verlee
    Aug 26, 2013
      ... "They have to buy a separate, costly data module if they want to
      view any other website from their phone. But access to Facebook and
      Facebook messenger are completely free."


      "We began to use the term “open web” to refer to the ability to publish
      and access code and content without restrictions. Granted, the open web
      wasn’t for everyone. My first critique of Jonathan Zittrain’s /The
      Future of the Internet and How to Stop It/ is that it doesn’t recognize
      the important advancements that platforms like Twitter and Facebook made
      to increase participation by the majority of Internet users."


      "But with Facebook’s announcement of how they plan on bringing the next
      three billion Internet users online, I am fearful that the next
      generation — the young teenagers that surround me here in Mexico City —
      will conflate “the Internet” with Facebook."

      Source: http://davidsasaki.name/2013/08/facebook-for-all/