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9291NVIDIA control panel gone bonkers

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  • loro
    Jun 27, 2013

      Well, it hasn't really, it's gone altogether. I've messed around so
      much I'm not sure what I've done or not anymore, but I'll try to list
      the main things.

      The Nvidia CP stopped working long ago. If I tried to bring it up I
      was told "The Nividia Display Panel extension cannot be created.
      Possible reasons include: version mismatch. Reinstalling display
      drivers may solve the problem.". I haven't bothered, because there
      wasn't anything I wanted to change, but now all of a sudden my colors
      have gone crazy. The old Notetab icon has a nice carrot tone...

      So, I googled and I found this is a common problem. Reinstalling the
      drivers seems to be the usual fix.

      First I checked the Nvidia service was up enabled. It was.

      Then I reinstalled the current driver from the Windows CD. Did nothing.

      Then I downloaded the latest driver from Nvidia and ran the
      installer. Stupid me chose "Clean install", which if I understood it
      right means it removes old drivers and old settings before installing
      the new stuff. It got that far, but the installation failed. No hint
      about in what way or why. Just "Installation failed". Thank you very
      much! But what it did accomplish was that it removed the control
      panel, so now I don't even have it. The service is gone too.

      I'll try to install the fresh driver a couple of times more because I
      read about someone who succeeded after several tries. In the meantime
      I'm looking forward to any bright ideas you may have. Remember I'm
      not too bright with hardware, so I need dumbed downed (can one say
      that?) instructions. :-)

      Windows XP Home, NIVIDEA GeForce 8600 GT

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