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9262Re: [NTO] Replacing my old Eudora

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  • Greg Chapman
    Nov 28, 2012
      Hi Lotta,

      On 28 Nov 12 22:43 loro <tabbie@...> said:
      > Eudora doesn't really cut it anymore.

      # stored...in some text format.
      # Unix mailbox format would be nice,
      # I don't want emails and attachments baked together in a binary lump.
      # set the SMTP port for each account individually.
      # Unicode, of course

      # threaded view
      # program interfaces. Nice, clean and simple
      # easy to recognize icons
      # normal menus.

      Sounds like you need nPOPuk


      Has everything on your list bar "labels".

      # Portable.
      # Runs on almost any Windows platform from WinCE and WinMob to Win32
      # Fully customisable icons (Create your own!)
      # Use for favourite text editor to write/read mail
      # Plain text only! (with a few tricks to allow you to read HTML mail)

      There's lots more I could say!

      ...but then I'm biassed. I do the documentation!

      Greg Chapman
      Supporting nPOPuk - the Portable E-Mail Client.
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