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9259Replacing my old Eudora

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  • loro
    Nov 28, 2012

      Eudora doesn't really cut it anymore. Before I start the tedious task
      of installing and trying different email clients I thought I'd ask if
      you guys have any recommendations. There used to be many Eudora users
      here once.

      One thing I feel I can't compromise with and that's how the mail is
      stored. I want it in some text format. Unix mailbox format would be
      nice, but anything text is alright I guess. I don't want emails and
      attachments baked together in a binary lump. Another thing is that I
      should be able to set the SMTP port for each account individually.
      That's actually one of the reasons I want to retire Dora. No, I'm not
      a spammer. I just want to use other SMTP services than my ISPs.
      Unicode, of course, but I guess they all have that now.

      A couple of things I'm not adamant about but would very much like to
      have. A threaded view and labels. I don't know if threaded view is
      the right term, but you know, when you can make the inbox look like a
      threaded forum, each reply under the email its a reply too. Labels I
      fear is an Eudora thing. It's simply a way of marking email headers
      in the overview window with different colors. I've used it
      extensively for email lists and private mail to and I'd miss it
      tremendously. Not to speak of that my old labels will probably be
      gone forever when I import my old mail to another program.

      I'm also picky about program interfaces. Nice, clean and simple is
      preferred. Classic. I can't stand these modern programs that look
      like web pages with text links instead of proper menus. It takes me
      forever to learn to navigate that type of interface. Typically all AV
      programs and Firewalls are like that. I want easy to recognize icons
      that don't all look the same and normal menus.

      I don't like the new open source Eudora, so that's no option as of now.

      I'm not THAT picky, really!

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