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9240Re: [NTO] Do I have a 64 bit system?

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Oct 6, 2012
      On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 8:42 PM, loro <tabbie@...> wrote:

      > Nuh. It just says XP Home. So I have a 64 bit processor and a 32 bit
      > OS? I guess that means I can't run 64 bit programs?
      > Lotta

      Hey Lotta,

      64-bit hardware can run 32-bit OS, but 32-bit OS can't do 64-bit software.
      But 64-bit OS can do 32-bit software.

      It is the same thing that happened when processors went from 8-bit to
      16-bit and 16-bit to 32-bit.

      Unlike other versions of Windows, 64-bit Windows no longer supports DOS
      programs. The familiar Edit is not there in 64-bit Windows for example.

      However, the command line is still there, so those who don't know the
      difference between DOS and the command line, will be confused.

      I deal with this at work all the time, since we still have some legacy DOS
      apps and clients go out and buy a new computer and then wonder why they
      programs don't run.

      What I have round is the best was to clarify whether you have 32-bit or
      64-bit OS if the message you get is not clear is to look at the C:\ drive.

      If you only see a "Program Files" directory, then your OS is 32-bit

      However, if you see both a "Program Files" and a "Program Files (x86)" then
      you have 64-bit Windows.

      "Program Files (x86)" is where Microsoft puts 32-bit programs since 64-bit
      OSes can run 32-bit programs.


      ~ Larry

      PS - I got a new Laptop at work that is 64-bit Windows. I have the "joy" of
      supporting those legacy apps, so I use DOSBox to run them so I can see the
      menus to walk clients through procedures, since I don't have those menus
      memorized. I also run WinXP in a virtual machine for the older version of
      our Windows software that does not run on newer then WinXP and definitely
      not on 64-bit. Between the two groups of clients, that's about 40 clients.
      Someday they will move into the 90's. :)

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