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9236Do I have a 64 bit system?

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    Oct 5, 2012
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      This may sound stupid, but that's because I am pretty stupid around
      hardware. I've had this machine for some years now and I've always
      assumed it's 32 bit. But a while ago I noticed something, I've
      forgotten what, that made me think it's not. Half a year or so later
      I have finally gotten around to trying to find out. Well, it works,
      so what? :-)

      OK, the OS is XP Home, that much I know. When I go to Control Panel |
      System | System Properties I learn that my processor is Athlon 64 XP
      Dual Core Processor 5600+. That sounds vaguely familiar and it also
      sounds like 64 bit, right?

      But if I go to Program | Accessories | System Tools | System
      Information it says "System Type: X86-based PC". THAT sounds like 32 bit.

      So what the heck is it?

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