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9187Re: [NTO] Create Universally Readable PDFs

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  • Axel Berger
    Jan 31, 2012
      Ray Shapp wrote:
      > He is unwilling to upgrade the free Adobe Reader or
      > any other part of his setup.

      This one I can empathise with. I too object to permanent updating and
      new for being new's sake when my existing setup does all I want and the
      new version has no conceivable benfit for my needs. This is why I
      customarily write PDF 1.2 and occasionally test with the Adobe reader
      version 3 under Windows 3.11.

      Your example is not bad though, it is version 1.4 for Reader 5.0. You
      might have made the huge image a bit smaller at no perceivable loss, but
      that's not the issue here. You might try your member on
      <http://berger-odenthal.de/upload/V12.pdf>. I ran my batch "mk2" over

      @ echo off
      iff "%1" == "" then
      echo Parameters: Source [Destination without EXT] /or/ ALL
      GOTO finish
      set path=F:\Winutil\ghost\gs8.71\lib;F:\Winutil\ghost\gs8.71\bin;%path%
      iff "%1" = "all" then
      REM echo %path%
      echo process all
      mkdir V12
      FOR %d IN (*.pdf) DO CALL ps2pdf12.bat %d V12\%d
      REM echo on
      REM echo %path%
      call ps2pdf12.bat %1 %@IF["%2 " GT " ",%temp%\%2.pdf,%temp%\12-%1]
      pause Fertig - press a key

      The batch is written for 4DOS and uses ghostscript.

      > Prior to this instance, it was my belief that PDF files were
      > universally readable by all versions of Adobe Reader.
      > My question: do you have experience with an application that
      > will create PDF files from DOC files

      New versions introduced new features, some of them useful. I convert
      Microsoft to PDF with openOffice, but that too only writes version 1.4,
      so the tool of choice is ghostscript. You can get a graphic interface
      through Ghostview, but it is not particularly easy to use and I find the
      command line much easier.

      By the way: spaces in filenames are evil, especially when using command
      line tools. Don't do it.


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      Johann-Häck-Str. 14 Fax: +49/ 2174/ 7439 68
      D-51519 Odenthal-Heide eMail: Axel-Berger@...
      Deutschland (Germany) http://berger-odenthal.de
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