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9185Create Universally Readable PDFs

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  • Ray Shapp
    Jan 31, 2012
      Hi Notetabbers,

      I want to create PDF files from Word documents that are universally
      readable. My Google searches bring up lots of references to making PDFs
      that are accessible to visually handicapped users, but I didn't see any
      advice on software that will create PDFs that are readable by a wide
      variety of Acrobat Reader versions.

      The problem came up because one member of our club had trouble opening a
      one-page flyer at:


      Checking "Properties" of that file, the "Size on disk" is 880 KB (901,120

      The member claims his software/hardware PC setup is very old, and that I
      have used a PDF creator that is incompatible with his equipment. He is
      unwilling to upgrade the free Adobe Reader or any other part of his setup.
      Prior to this instance, it was my belief that PDF files were universally
      readable by all versions of Adobe Reader.

      My question: do you have experience with an application that will create
      PDF files from DOC files that can be read on PCs by older versions of Adobe
      Reader as well as more current versions?

      Thanks for the help.

      Ray Shapp

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