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9176Re: [NTO] Photo software to 'cut to new'

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  • Greg Chapman
    Jan 5, 2012
      Hi Jeff,

      On 05 Jan 12 19:50 jeff <jeff@...> said:
      > I am fixed income and do not have Photoshop.

      If Photoshop will do it, then you can be pretty sure the excellent
      (open source) GIMP will do it:


      The script required will be pretty complex but, without trying
      (because I don't use its scripting functions myself) I can't swear it
      can do it.

      However, I'd recommend that you subscribe to the GIMP User List:
      and ask there. There are some real wizards there whom I am sure would
      guide you, if not produce the script or prepare a tutorial to show you

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