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9170Re: [NTO] Folder Open screwed up - partly solved

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  • loro
    Nov 27, 2011
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      I wrote:
      >I wrote:
      > >Both the default action in Folder Options
      > >and the registry entries already were as they should.
      >Actually, the default action is OK for Folder. For File Folder (the
      >one I changed icon for although it didn't take) the expected options
      >aren't available.
      >For Folder I have these.
      >explore (default)
      >command prompt (added by me)
      >... and some others I've added
      >For File Folder I have these.
      >add to send to menu
      >command prompt
      >... a number of program specific commands
      >Seems the Windows commands are split over those two entries???

      How come you your IQ goes up with at least 50% as soon as you ask a
      question? :-D

      I added the Explore comand executed by explorer.exe for File Folder.
      Now the folders open normally (touch wood!) when double clicking. I
      still don't get what's up with those two folder types and why the
      commands are split between them though.

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