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9168Folder Open screwed up

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  • loro
    Nov 27, 2011

      I've created a mess, but I don't know how it happened so I can't fix
      it. All I wanted to do was to change the default folder icon. In
      Folder Options | File Types I had (still have) two entries, one is
      called "Folder" and the other "File Folder". For Folder the "Change
      Icon" button is grayed out, so I changed the icon for File Folder.
      The new icon shows up in the list, but it did nothing for the folders
      on my desktop or anywhere else. Question: what the heck is the
      difference between Folder and File Folder?

      I can live with that, but it also had a not wanted effect. Now VLC
      Media Player tried to open all folders when I double clicked on them
      or hit enter. Not so great. Browsing folders from a program, like
      Notetab's File Open dialog works as it should as does right-clicking
      on a folder and choosing Open or Explore from the context menu.

      Hard to google, find mostly how to open a whole folder in a program,
      but I found this on MetaFilter.

      No luck with that either. Both the default action in Folder Options
      and the registry entries already were as they should. Then I turned
      to VLC. Seems they have removed file associations from Options and
      that dialogue is only available during setup - how clever is that? So
      I uninstalled VLC. There! Uh, no. Now another media player tries to
      open folders. I have a feeling I could be uninstalling programs till
      doomsday or until I don't have any programs left, whatever comes
      first. There must be a better way.

      Any ideas? Oh, I'm on Windows XP Home.

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