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[wine] Tips for configuring wine for NoteTab

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  • lm_hamilton
    This is a compilation of recent solutions shared by others on the NoteTab Basic list, in the past week. I have added my comments to other s information in [],
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21 7:51 PM
      This is a compilation of recent solutions shared by others on the
      NoteTab Basic list, in the past week. I have added my comments to
      other's information in [], with my name.

      Any tips with the problem and the solution are welcome as replies to
      this post, as are additional information or clarification. Unsolved
      problems will be under another thread. This information will also be
      in our eventual FAQ.

      1.) Use the Wine configuration, "winecfg" at a command prompt, under
      the "Libraries" tab, set the DLL overrides to "*(native, built-in)".
      That helped clear up many things (e.g., highlighting large portions of
      text and drag and drop.) [I can confirm this. Larry Hamilton]

      NOTE: One person suggested that some wine messages indicated a problem
      with another person's X configuration related to OpenGL. Insure that
      there are no issues with your X configuration, if the following does
      not help.

      Detailed instructions for this tip by Larry Hamilton:
      * Exit NoteTab, if it is running.
      * Open a command prompt and enter "winecfg".
      * When the Wine configuration window opens, select the "Applications"
      tab if it is not already in focus.
      * Click the NoteTab program that you have installed, to highlight it.
      * Select the "Libraries" tab.
      * Click in the "New overrides for library" field.
      * Enter "*(native, built-in)", without the quotes.
      * To be thorough, click Apply, then click OK.
      * Start NoteTab to receive the benefits.

      2.) Fonts: It works best if you add the fonts to the "windows/fonts"
      directory under wine. (Just make sure NoteTab is closed.) [Have not
      tried this. Larry Hamilton]

      3.) Problems with switching libraries. I was having trouble switching
      libraries. When I clicked a tab, the library flashed then disappeared.

      A.) Just click and then press F-4, is one option.

      B.) Clicking on library tab then moving the cursor off while the
      button is still depressed allows the library to stay open. [I recall
      that this did not use to occur, will have to refer to an older version
      of wine to test. Larry Hamilton]

      [These are workarounds rather than solutions. I will include this
      in a list of issues needing resolution.]

      NOTE: The default settings for the "Graphics" tab of wincfg is the
      first box is unchecked, the second checked, and the Direct3D box set
      to "Hardware", "Allow Pixel Shader" is checked and the screen
      resolution slider is on the left with 96 DPI. (Is this true for all
      default installs, or does it read the monitor settings? LH)

      Larry Hamilton
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