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Re: [MB] Mailbag assistance install to run under Wine

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Gordon, I have configured Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit to run on my 64-bit system. I am using the latest release candidate of Wine 1.2 RC7. This will be the new version
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 15, 2010
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      I have configured Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit to run on my 64-bit system. I am using the latest release candidate of Wine 1.2 RC7. This will be the new version of Wine, unless there are major issues found before tomorrow.

      I have installed the latest version of Mailbag Assistant - 4.01 and it runs.

      I do get an error about "Access violation at address 7E8B3C43 in module 'comctl32.dll'. Read of address 0000007B." When I click Cancel on the E-mail Wizard screen. It did lock up on me when clicking Next on the E-Mail Wizard screen for Sample Messages.

      I did not have to delete Wine or uninstall Wine, and no other Wine apps or Windows programs, NoteTab Light and Pro, had any issues.

      To close the locked program, I opened a command prompt and ran ps ax and found the pid of the "[Mailbag.exe] <defunct>" and did the command kill <pid>, in my case "kill 3783", and it closed the hung MailBag Assistant.

      I found that MailBag is looking for email files under C:\users\username\Application Data\Mailbag Assistant\mailboxes. However, there are no sample mailboxes in this location, so I had to navigate to C:\Program Files\Mailbag Assistant\Samples. I was able to open the sample files and work with them. I did turn off the open E-Mail Wizard by default.

      When I tried to open the E-Mail Wizard via Tools > E-Mail Wizard it started a loop of errors, and I had to kill the process again. Still no major issues with Wine or other Windows apps in Wine.

      It appears that the E-Mail Wizard has issues under Wine 1.2 RC 7.

      Wine is designed to emulate WinXP by default, and can be configured to emulate older versions. The dll, comctl32.dll is the common controls dialog, which controls things like buttons and so forth, in Windows applications. However, Wine does run and I used the installation of Mailbag on my Windows partition to run Mailbag under Wine and download it again, so that I could install it under Wine.

      More specific error messages would also help. Also what version of Wine? The command "wine --version" at the command prompt will give you the exact version of Wine that you have.

      If you error is like the one I received, it could either be a nuisance error, or require other tweaking, but again, more information is needed. This dll is emulated by Wine, but sometimes we need to copy the native Windows dll.

      It is possible that your issue is something to do with 64-bit Linux. Ubuntu 64-bit is still on the experimental side, so I am not ready to take the plunge on that yet.

      Give us more information and join the ntb-linux group and we will be able to assist you.


      ~ Larry

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      >date Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 9:45 AM
      >subject Re: [MB] Mailbag assistance install to run under Wine
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      >I have installed Mailbag on Wine and it ran. That was using 32-bit linux, I believe both Slacker and Ubuntu, if I recall correctly, I even installed it on Wine with Fedora 3 & 4, way back.
      >I do not have a PC with Linux currently running, long story.
      >I have had lots of personal interruptions in getting Linux running on my new PC, which is 64-bit. I suspect your issue is something with 64-bit.
      >I have been diagnosed with mono, so my energy level is extremely low when I get done with work, so I can't commit to when I can look into this. I have a backlog of things I need to do with Wine.
      >We also have a group ntb-linux for getting NoteTab and other Fookes software running on Wine and other methods. I have Cc'd this to that list.
      >~ Larry
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      >>subject [MB] Mailbag assistance install to run under Wine
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      >>hide details Jul 13 (3 days ago)
      >>I am having trouble getting Mailbag Assistant to run under Wine on a Linux based system. I have Wine version 1.138 installed that is part of the Fedora 13 repository. I am running Fedora 13 64 bit.
      >>I downloaded the demo version of Mailbag Assistant and tried to install it but got messages about memory allocation issues and some others.
      >>In fact i found that Wine would not run after that and I had to un-install it and re install.
      >>Has anyone installed Mailbag Assistant to run under Wine and if so can you please advise how you did it and what if any changes were needed to be made to get it running?
      >>I contacted Fookes but they indicated that they could not assist and I should try here. I note however on their web site that they say on the download page "Our products all run on:
      >>Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / 2003 / NT4 / ME / XP / Vista / Windows 7, or Mac OS / Linux in conjunction with Wine. Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported"
      >>I can not find Mailbag Assistant in the Wine Database either.
      >>Any assistance would be much appreciated Thanks
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