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[Not Windows] From the NoteTab FAQ

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  • lm_hamilton
    Here s a quote from the FAQ topic in NoteTab s Help file for completeness: Are there plans for a Linux or MAC version of NoteTab? Not at the moment. Note,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2007
      Here's a quote from the FAQ topic in NoteTab's Help file for completeness:

      "Are there plans for a Linux or MAC version of NoteTab?

      Not at the moment. Note, that NoteTab will run on Intel-based Macs
      that are running Windows or Wine, and on PowerPC Macs using Virtual
      PC. It will also run on UNIX/Linux systems with Wine."


      NoteTab is developed in Delphi. Delphi has a Linux version called
      Kylix, but Kylix went by the wayside. This limits the feasibility of
      having a "native" Linux/Unix/Mac/etc. version of NoteTab. Eric would
      have to do a total re-write, or find a compiler that can convert
      Delphi to a Linux-based language.

      Delphi is Pascal, so perhaps a recent Open Source version of Pascal
      that was announced a couple weeks ago, might someday do what we need.
      However, some of the software I support is developed in Delphi, and
      the programmer tells me there are a lot of third party add-ons that
      are heavily used by all Delphi programmers. If such things did not
      exist in Linux, Eric would have to develop them from scratch. (Not
      being a Delphi or Linux programmer, I am not sure of the accuracy of
      all of this.)

      NoteTab is NOT open source, so it is entirely up to Eric and the
      market conditions to make it conducive for him to look at another
      operating system besides Windows.

      Until that happens, it is up to the efforts of this list to get
      NoteTab running well on something other than Windows.

      Please do not harp on Eric to do this. NoteTab is one of several
      programs that Eric has developed and makes a living to _support his
      family_. What he does in this regard has to make sense to insure a
      continued family-sized income. I suppose a rich benefactor who would
      make it worth his while would help. However, I do not advocate wasting
      money on the lottery to this end. ;-)

      Larry Hamilton
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