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95[wine] New Wine 0.9.50 Released

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  • lm_hamilton
    Dec 2, 2007
      Well another release, as of Nov. 30.

      Looks like a lot of fixes, not sure if relevant to either version of

      I am not going to have time to dig into this version for a while.

      If it is not available as a Slackware or Debian/Ubuntu package, that
      will delay it a while anyway.

      I see from Sisterscape that 0.9.49 just showed up for Ubuntu.

      Since the "show stoppers" seem to be worked out, I am not in a hurry.
      If someone else wants to dive in and test and report back, please do so.

      I am ramping up for the busy time of year at work. I support payroll
      and accounting software, so all the users are stressing because they
      forget their once a year procedures. I answer the same question so
      many times every year, I wish I could forget the answer! I tend to get
      home later than normal, and other things take up time. It doesn't help
      that my oldest son's birthday, my wedding anniversary, Christmas, New
      Years, and my youngest son's birthday are all in 30 days. Can you say
      stress? ;-)

      If I get a free window of time, I'll dig in, but no promises.

      Larry Hamilton
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