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62Re: [wine] New Wine 0.9.46 Released

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  • lm_hamilton
    Oct 3, 2007
      --- In ntb-linux@yahoogroups.com, "lm_hamilton" <lm_hamilton@...>
      > Lee,
      > Finally have some time to look at this.
      > I found your information of Specs, etc. I know you are running Linux
      > on a laptop, but do not recall if you indicated what make and model it
      > is. I have gone through the lists and not seen this. - I may just need
      > new glasses. :-/
      > I have to get NotePro on my Debian box, and see what I get.
      > Will report soon.
      > Larry Hamilton


      I'm running Debian Etch (4.0) on this other PC, a desktop with twice
      the RAM and CPU speed of my other PC. The newer one has an Nvidia
      graphics card with 32 MB RAM, the older PC has an Intel graphics card,
      not sure about the video RAM. I have Wine 0.9.45. Having problems with
      the repository and cannot get 0.9.46 to be available.

      I do not have an issue with the cursor at the top. I have tried
      several things and I cannot make it happen.

      I DO have the issue with the cursor at the bottom.

      To re-create what I have, go to the bottom of a page, the cursor is on
      the last line of the file. Press ENTER and it adds a new line, but the
      cursor looks like it is in the same place. However, if I start typing,
      the text goes to the correct location, i.e. where the cursor should
      be. For some reason, the appearance of the cursor's location does not
      match its true location.

      This is the same symptom as on my other PC.

      I also get a flickering as I move from one tab to another. It is more
      pronounced on the older PC. It is more prominent if the clipbook and
      the quicklist are both open, and an OTL file is open.

      If I turn off the Ruler, Line Numbers, Libraries Bar, Status Bar, and
      Non-Printing text, it is less noticeable. All but the Non-printing
      text is on by default. Part of this must be a resource issue.

      I am running NoteTab Pro with this commandline:

      wine "c:\program files\NoteTab Pro 5\NotePro.exe"

      I get this in the terminal:

      fixme:win:LockWindowUpdate (0x1002e), partial stub!
      fixme:win:LockWindowUpdate ((nil)), partial stub!
      fixme:win:LockWindowUpdate (0x1002e), partial stub!
      fixme:win:LockWindowUpdate ((nil)), partial stub!

      I turned off the NoteTab Splash screen and these messages went away.

      I will try to resolve my issues with getting the latest wine. However,
      as I cannot duplicate your issue, I will check and see if the messages
      you reported can point us in the direction of a resolution.

      Larry Hamilton
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