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591Re: [ntb-linux] Re: black border interfering with edit area

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  • Al
    Aug 11, 2011
      Larry Hamilton wrote:
      > Is anyone else having a problem with Yahoo Groups this morning? It is acting like I am not a member of my groups. I am the administrator of ntb-linux, and it asks if I want to join.
      > ARG!

      An older Firefox on Slackware 12.2 it took me 15 minutes late last night
      to get logged on to my yahoogroups.

      it rejected my correct user and correct password as invalid

      it then brought up graphic with alpha numeric string for me to enter

      repeat times 6

      Then clicked on lost my password whereby it told me I incorrectly
      entered the alpha numeric string is the problem not my password (after
      it rejected that password times 6 or more).

      Finally it took and logged me on. But I'd changed nothing.

      Power flickers, motherboard conductivity problems, overloaded, glitch in
      the sql of its database records, hard drive didn't write correctly to
      one spot on disk -- IOW it looks to me like yahoo's server(s) were
      having reality alteration things going on. Otherwise known as whacko

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