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534Re: [ntb-linux] Share *nix Host directory with Windows Guest OS in VirtualBox

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  • Al
    Sep 18, 2010
      Larry Hamilton wrote:
      > If anyone on the list wants to install the free VirtualBox on *nix

      I'm guess that you mean the "puel" licensed one? It's the only binary.

      If I'm not mistaken, that (puel) is the one that is free for a personal
      use home user but that it costs money when used for business/commercial,
      etc. And it is not 100% open source (has/uses at least some closed
      source code)

      And then there is another, the "OSE" the Open Source Edition (contains
      no closed source. is 100% open source and is under the GPL license)


      It looks like it must be compiled from the source code by the end user.

      I'm soon to install the latest puel 64 bit X86 onto my Slackware 13.1 64
      bit X86 machine.

      BTW FWIW I've got something like a HP/UX box (not X86 architecture) a
      friend gave it to me. But I need ram to see if it will boot. If I find
      a ram on Ebay cheap enough, I may try out this box. It originally ran
      HP's own Unix. But there is a port of Debian that runs on it. And I
      could run everything else (Slackware, Win, etc.) in a virtual machine
      that virtualizes X86.

      That HP box is about like having the computing power of three X86 64 bit
      boxes all wrapped up into one box (I guess).

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