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528Other Apps that Integrate with NoteTab

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Sep 18, 2010
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      While researching the issue of TopStyle integration with NoteTab, I decided to be thorough and confirm that the integration of other apps works correctly on Wine.

      The list of apps that integrate with NoteTab are from the NoteTab Help file, under Third Party Tools.

      TopStyle -

      CSEHTML Validator - Note: Both pro and lite versions support NoteTab integration. I only tested the lite version on Wine, and it works.

      Tidy - Tidy is an open source command line validator. I previously verified that it works, and I verified that again today. Previously, I had pointed out that the Linux version of Tidy could be used also, as the integration allows the user to search for the Tidy program. Tidy for Windows is available here: 32-bit - http://www.paehl.com/open_source/?HTML_Tidy_for_Windows; 64-bit http://int64.org/projects/tidy-binaries.

      Clip Writer - Works by itself, but some issues with integration. I need to dig into this more.

      FinePrint - I have not yet tested on Wine.

      IntelliComplete Server - This appears to work just fine.

      WordWeb - I have not yet tested on Wine.

      ~ Larry
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