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383Re: Free CrossOver Office Today Only

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  • lm_hamilton
    Oct 28, 2008
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      I tried the CrossOver Pro 1.7.0, but it appears to be Wine 0.9.60.

      NoteTab Pro appeared to run fine, with the usual issues.

      CrossOver has some interesting ideas, and is great for those wanting
      to run Microsoft Office or Games. I like that it has a way to make a
      package out of the Windows programs installed in CrossOver. However,
      it does not appear to integrate with XFCE, unless I need to log off
      adn back in for it to show up on the menu. I had to hunt to find where
      it put stuff. The readme says that it integrates with the Gnome ane
      KDE menus, so it assumes only two window managers.

      If it was even Wine 1.0.0, it might be worth using regularly.

      For those with minimal linux skills who just want to run M$ products
      on a stable OS, it might be worth $40.

      I guess I can hang onto this in case someone has questions about it,
      but it probably won't be long until it is obsolete.

      If anyone else tries it, let us know what you think.

      Larry Hamilton

      --- In ntb-linux@yahoogroups.com, sisterscape <sisterscape@...> wrote:
      > That announcement has made quite a few lists.
      > About a year ago, I tried the trial version of Crossover. NoteTab
      ran much WORSE on it than on Wine. Didn't care much for the interface
      either. Maybe you'll have a better report.
      > Sister
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