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372Re: wine 1.1.5 and minimize

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  • lm_hamilton
    Sep 22, 2008
      --- In ntb-linux@yahoogroups.com, tr6vb6z02@... wrote:
      > using Ubuntu Hardy Heron, I just downloaded wine 1.1.5 from the Ubuntu
      > repositories.
      > I checked on the minimize problem in NoteTab Pro, and it got worse!
      > Now I the Notetab window will minimize just fine. But you can't get it
      > back!
      > I don't minimize NoteTab very often, so this is hardly a crippling
      > problem, but it is very strange and a bit annoying.


      Thank you for this information.

      The Slackware package just became available for Wine 1.1.5, this is on
      Slackware 12.1 using XFCE.

      Minimize and restore works, there is no extra title bar, but there is
      also no minimize button. Oddly, there are now two identical windows
      with a complete NoteTab. Closing one closes both. It appears that the
      hidden window is now fully visible. It takes a moment for the other
      window to show up. If I minimize, restore and change the library in
      the clipbook, then the second window appears. The title bar of one
      window is darker than the other.

      I tried this with NoteTab Pro, Standard and Light.

      The issue with the cursor position and extra lines in Pro when
      pressing enter is mildly better. Now it only happens when the line
      passes the lower boundary of the document window.

      I stumbled upon something, I am not sure if I knew it or not. I'll
      have to remember to try it on Windows. In the clipbook, activated by
      F4, if you double-click the name of the library in the drop-down, it
      changes to the next library. In 10.5 years of using NoteTab, I do not
      remember encountering that before. As many libraries as I have
      accumulated it is not practical, so I may have just decided not to
      remember it. ;-)

      Please let us know your experience with Wine 1.1.5 and your
      Distribution of Linux and its version and your Window manager.

      Larry Hamilton
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