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314Wine 1.1.4 Released September 5, 2008

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  • lm_hamilton
    Sep 6, 2008
      I see that Wine has another update.

      No Slackware package yet....

      I did get and old computer that a friend of my son's wants to sell. An
      old Dell with a P4 and 512 MB RAM. It had no OS, so I loaded Ubuntu.
      Less than 20 minutes I was signing in. 30 minutes later the 118 MB of
      137 packages for update were done, including Wine 1.0.0. ;-)

      While I am at it, I will install NoteTab and see if I can get the same
      results the rest of the Ubuntu users on the list are getting. I'll see
      if there is a newer Wine for Ubuntu users. It will be later today or
      tomorrow before I can get to this. I had to bring some work home. :-(

      If anyone else updates to the latest wine, please let us know.

      If I understand what it says about fixes to Richedit, perhaps NoteTab
      Light and Standard will run better. I'll be sure to check.

      Larry Hamilton
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