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250Re: [ntb-linux] Re: Wine 1.0 RC 3

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  • Gerard Huijing
    Jun 11, 2008
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      lm_hamilton wrote:
      > The Slackware package finally came out. I installed it and it works
      > well, with the same minor annoyances as all the prior versions.
      > If you try NoteTab on Wine RC 3 on another distribution, please let us
      > know.
      > Larry

      After waiting a long time for a wine rpm for Fedora9_64 I installed wine
      0.958 rpm for x86 machines some time ago (still under Fedora8), just to
      see what would happen.
      There were no problems, and just yesterday Fedora updated itself, among
      others to wine RC3.
      So the updates come in a bit slower than for the other distributions
      used by the subscribers to this message board. It appears that most use
      Ubuntu/Debian, but there may be others with different distributions who
      are just as quiet as I am :-)

      NoteTab appears to be working the same way as it always did under Linux.
      A lot of swearing on the command line when wine starts NTB, but that
      happens if you start native Linux GUI applications too.
      I have not had a proper look at what the output (i.e. the muttering on
      the CL) means exactly.
      One in any case is, that wine/NTB tries to connect to the sound module
      ca106, because NTB audio messages are still on, I assume, which is not
      the case with my NTB under Windows.

      Just to let you know,



      Gerard (E.G.P.) Huijing
      2312 ZD Leiden
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