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247Re: Wine 1.0 RC 3

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  • lm_hamilton
    Jun 4, 2008
      The Slackware package finally came out. I installed it and it works
      well, with the same minor annoyances as all the prior versions.

      If you try NoteTab on Wine RC 3 on another distribution, please let us


      --- In ntb-linux@yahoogroups.com, "lm_hamilton" <lm_hamilton@...> wrote:
      > Wine 1.0 RC 3 was released on 30 May 2008.
      > The Slackware package is not yet ready, so I cannot test.
      > The Wine Release Plan is here:
      > http://wiki.winehq.org/WineReleasePlan
      > It indicates that Wine 1.0 could be released June 6, if it is ready,
      > or go with additional Release Candidates, if it is not. At the latest,
      > they plan for July 4th, if I read it correctly.
      > Please let us know if you test and find any regressions or new issues.
      > Larry Hamilton
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