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195Re: [ntb-linux] Re: [wine] New Wine 0.9.58 Released

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Mar 28, 2008
      I think a clean install will be a big help.

      Hardware is not my strong suit. I have not yet built
      my own system from scratch. Someday....


      --- sisterscape <sisterscape@...> wrote:

      > I just added 5 new posts to a web page and the
      > end-of-line garbage only
      > happened once. The 'empty frame' thing still
      > happens but not as often.
      > Since I'm not doing a lot these days, I can live
      > with the quirks.
      > I'm going to be putting together a new Linux-only
      > box probably in May
      > after Hardy is released. It will be interesting to
      > see what happens on
      > a clean install.
      > OFF TOPIC . . . Can we talk hardware? I am going to
      > recycle the two
      > 250GB SATA drives, USRobotics modem, CD/DVD-RW and
      > NIC from my current
      > box. So I'll need a case (really liking this one -
      > motherboard
      > (since my current ASUS needed replacement TWICE,
      > I'll probably go
      > Intel), processor (Intel), video card (nVidia) and
      > memory. I'm think
      > I'll do RAID 0 for backup. Any suggestions?

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