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169Re: Downgrade needed

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  • lm_hamilton
    Mar 12, 2008
      --- In ntb-linux@yahoogroups.com, sisterscape <sisterscape@...> wrote:
      > UGH! This 'empty frame' syndrome is proving to be a big headache.
      > Maximizing only works correctly about 10% of the time (thats a rough
      > estimate).
      > I've never downgraded and not quite sure how to do it. Any pointers?

      I always keep the last good version of Wine. I download the package
      and then install it. Of course, I use Slackware 99% of the time. I am
      sure there is a way to manually install a .deb package instead of the
      auto update way.

      I suggest that you uninstall Wine and then re-install it, then go to
      the command prompt and run wineprefixcreate.

      If that does not work, then look into locating and installing the
      previous version.


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