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168Re: Downgrade needed

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  • lm_hamilton
    Mar 12, 2008

      I always uninstall Wine before installing the new version. This has
      prevented some odd issues I had in the past. Then I do
      wineprefixcreate. Occasionally there are some error messages for the
      programmers, but everything seems to work well.

      Uninstalling Wine is not the same a deleting the .wine directory.

      *nix OSes separate the user data from the program, so all the
      directories under the user's home directory are not touched when a
      program is removed. I still had a directory for a program I had not
      installed when I wiped out my root partition and did a clean install.
      When I then installed the program, it remembered all my settings.

      The only time I had to re-do my .wine directory was when I tried some
      fancier options in Wine and it screwed things up. That's why I backup
      the .wine directory if I want to play with different settings in Wine.


      --- In ntb-linux@yahoogroups.com, Lee Underwood <leeu@...> wrote:
      > | Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling before downgrading? Just
      > | curious.
      > Wine or NoteTab? I didn't do either. Won't I have to re-install
      NoteTab all over again if I uninstall/reinstall Wine?
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