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151Re: [ntb-linux] [wine] Wine 0.9.56 Released (new cursor behavior)

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  • sisterscape
    Mar 10, 2008
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      I have just upgraded to 0.9.56 and can report that there is a change in
      the cursor behavior.

      Previously when pressing ARROW DOWN (ARROW UP or ENTER) the cursor
      would move up (or down) a line for each click but the text would not
      move. Now the cursor remains in front of the original line but the
      lines themselves scroll up (or down) the page. This means the location
      of the cursor is on-screen not off-screen like it was previously.
      Knowing where I am on the page is a considerable improvement as far as
      I'm concerned.

      I'll add this comment over in the AppDB.

      --- Larry Hamilton <lm_hamilton@...> wrote:

      > Wine 0.9.56 was released.
      > Not sure if it will help. I still have the cursor
      > issue at the bottom of outlines.
      > Larry

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