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129Re: wine-0.9.54 report

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  • lm_hamilton
    Feb 7, 2008
      I finally updated my Debian PC and I still only have the problem at
      the bottom of the file.

      However, it is on text files, and outlines are fine - the exact
      opposite of my Slackware PC.

      I guess we need to determine what window managers are being used.

      On Slackware, I am using xfce (4.2?). On Debian, I am using Gnome (I
      need to check the version.). I can try switching to different window
      managers and see if that makes a difference. I suspect it will, as
      this has something to do with the display.

      If any of you give it a try, let use know the results, and what
      version of the window manager.


      --- In ntb-linux@yahoogroups.com, "lm_hamilton" <lm_hamilton@...> wrote:
      > I updated to wine 0.9.54 on my Slackware box yesterday.
      > On a text file I do not have the problem at the bottom of the page.
      > On an outline, I do have the problem at the bottom of the page.
      > There must be some combination of kernel version, distribution, and
      > hardware that affects this, as I have never had the problem at the top
      > of the page.
      > I updated my Debian box too, but as yet no time to test.
      > Things have slowed down, so I will check it out and report back ASAP.
      > Larry
      > --- In ntb-linux@yahoogroups.com, sisterscape <sisterscape@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I upgraded to wine-0.9.54 yesterday and the funny cursor issue is
      > > there. It didn't break anything in NoteTab though and it did fix a
      > > minor font rendering issue in the Photoshop GUI.
      > >
      > > Anybody else done the upgrade?
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