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122Oh joy . . . access violation error

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  • sisterscape
    Jan 18, 2008
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      HELP! I upgraded to Wine 0.9.53 a few days ago. Today I was updating
      a site and things started to get funky. After running Tidy (from a
      clip that one of you veterans helped with a few years ago) I started
      getting this popup and basically couldn't do a thing until I rebooted -
      couldn't save anything, libraries wouldn't open, etc.:

      "Access violation at address 00409BC4 in module 'NotePro.exe'. Read of
      address 6E686369"

      I never gotten this error before. I had saved the Wine 0.9.52 folder
      and switched them out but it's buggered there now too. Maybe because
      that's not the proper way to revert to Wine 0.9.52. Larry, I bet
      you'll know how to do it properly.

      Any ideas? Do I need to access Tidy some other way or use a different
      version? Or do I need to tweak something in the application data


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