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104Wine 0.9.51

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  • sisterscape
    Dec 29, 2007
      I haven't posted recently because all is well in Wine World. I now
      have 0.9.51 up and running. Photoshop 7 and NoteTab Pro are working
      perfectly as well as a few other little utilities (like Easy
      Thumbnails, TextDiff etc.). Everything is working as smoothly as in

      About a week ago PS was acting up. A reinstall straightened things
      out. I don't know if NT light is fixed in 0.9.51 . . . I'm not going
      to mess with it anymore since Pro works just fine.

      All this came together just in time for a HUGE update to a photo based
      site. In the last few days, I've processed and posted over 300 photos
      to the gallery!

      Me very happy - Linux is here to stay on my desktop. Wishing Larry and
      everyone else a Happy New Year!!!!

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