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  • Hi All: Sorry to bother you .. My Bold button is setup to give the html code . how do I setup another Bold button to make the text bold . Also . how do I just have certain text bigger or smaller when I do 12 point on selected text it makes the whole document 12 point . computers Will never be my strong suite . Tanks .. *||:^) [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Bill Scott Dec 29, 2002
  • I have a website called domainsnregistry.com on a unix server and I keep getting emails from merchants using my domainname and then users I do not know .... like ashleys@^$1 does anyone know how this is done and how to stop it ??? Bill Scott
    Bill Scott Dec 11, 2001
  • Hi All: Long time no ... burp .... been here ... *||:^) Thanks Stephen that was what I was looking for just busy ... busy Bill Scott Scott Enterprises http://www.domainsnregistry.com
    Bill Scott Dec 11, 2001
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  • Bill Scott 24655 Foster Road Corning, California 96021 800-510-5961
    bscott@stockdogsaction.com Dec 7, 2001
  • Hi Andy: Thanks for the URL he is offering it for 20 bucks right now is that a good price and are you happy with the product ? Bill Scott
    Bill Scott Mar 1, 2001
  • Download My Workbook! Thanks frank: I was thinking of a program that .... uses the .exe extension that opens itself ... maybe that is not neccesary for a workbook ... this workbook has diagrams and they should be able to print it to a printer ... anyway ... just being lazy ... this list is great for getting a url quick ... Thanks Bill [Non-text portions of this message have been...
    Bill Scott Feb 28, 2001
  • Hi All: Please excuse me if this has been discussed on the list ... I have a workbook that I want to sell online ... I have seen programs that will send it to your customer as a PDF or a zip file ... does anyone know how to do this .... Bill [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Bill Scott Feb 27, 2001
  • I am not sure if it is my imagination but my subscriptions seem to be going up since getting involved with Yahooo ..... ooooooo ' anyway ... hope so ... I could use a wee bit more income ... Bill [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Bill Scott Jan 27, 2001
  • In the end browsers won't matter. go back to TV ....... I'm not sure with the advent of two way satalite already available that ... the net will not be giving content like the tv ..... I think that now you can get two way satalite that runs at 400 bps ... don't quote me on the speed ... and costs something like $500 dollars for the unit and then a monthly service of $70 or...
    Bill Scott Jan 25, 2001
  • does anyone else find it annoying that, after installing IE, HTML files are subsequently labeled "Microsoft HTML File"? Bill Scott wrote: No but I do find it annoying that after .... a month of going back and forth with Microsoft and HP that they both say that I bought the wrong machine to do what I want to do and it is my problem ..... and ..... told me here is the address to our...
    Bill Scott Jan 24, 2001