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[NH] Still local anchors and spacers

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  • ChrisPye@woodcarver.force9.co.uk
    Hi Just coming back to the original problem... Kevin ... No doubt, but is this actually relevant? I mean 4.0 should still turn this trick, yes? I don t know
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      Just coming back to the original problem...

      >you say you are using version 4.0 of NS...exactly?
      >...I mean version 4.0 is a little "stale" by now.
      No doubt, but is this actually relevant? I mean 4.0 should still turn
      this trick, yes? I don't know when going to a page and down to a named
      anchor was 'approved' but I'd have thought quite early on in versions.
      It's curious that no one else has had a problem, I wonder if it's a
      corruption thing in the copy I have. Could this be possible? - it's so

      >...I have found that problems that I have experienced
      >with NS "locally" are eliminated when uploaded
      >to your server.
      That's very interesting. Dare I trust it though? I suppose I could just
      proceed, making a note of what to check, test and change to something
      else that i know works, sharpish. Thanks for your thoughts - I will
      keep trying...

      >The only way I could replicate it was to by
      >capitalising the HREF's attributes value.
      ><A HREF="linked.html#news ">name</A>
      ><A HREF="linked.html#News ">name</A>
      Thanks - I tried this - checking my cases - and again including the
      space you put after 'News', in case you meant have one - but no joy I'm
      afraid, whichever way I call it.

      >In this case IE4+ is more forgiving and ignores case
      >however nn4 + looks for the bookmark until it reaches the bottom.
      I agree. It's just that NS fails to find it. On another page, with a
      similar requirement, NS just throws up a blank page... NS also doesn't
      like '100%' within a table for say a bar across, whereas IE is as happy
      as a village idiot about it.

      I really don't know what else to do now, bar trying a different copy of
      NS4 - Unless it SHOULDN'T work in this, I want to get it to work.
      Regarding newer versions of browsers etc. I tend to think that lagging
      behind the leading runners must be safest if I want to be sure of
      reaching most people. The clever bit will be keeping the right position
      as the racers spread out. (Just a metaphor!) At the end of the day my
      website is a means to an end, and I have limited time to spend keeping
      up to speed - indeed I have cursed :) NTB for inveigling me into HTML
      and revealing its innards, when I thought that I'd just be whacking
      something together like Frontpage. But in the long run knowing my site
      inside out must be best for what I want. It's a bit like building a
      pyramid - takes ages to get far off the ground... Just hate these odd
      shaped bricks.

      Nicole - I now you didn't say it first but
      >"On a personal note, I think anyone who uses frames
      >and puts nothing in the <noframes> tag should be shot
      >and anyone who puts "get Netscape/ IE" should be
      >suspended upside down in a vat of boiling marmalade,
      >and then shot."
      is a bit marmalist that isn't it?
      Tief und tausendfach zu leben.

      I'm off to a fjord and a boat for a while. I still would like any other
      ideas to try if there are any, but won't be able to acknowledge until I
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