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RE: [NH] Re: XML?

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  • Grant
    ... Does this database tool return XML. If so just send an abbreviated example. Some thoughts on using xml with notetab on learning html with xml in mind.
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 4, 2000
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      > I just recently started learning and using HTML for some local intranet
      > pages (rather simple stuff at that). The HTML language does not seem too
      > difficult. Because I am the only one in my group to even attempt that, I
      > have been given the task of learning XML for interfacing with a database
      > tool to customize/improve its reporting capabilities. This database tool
      > uses forms (customized by us) for entering data, although it will not
      > "pretty print" the forms, only the data. So my task, also, includes
      > retrieving data from the database tool and presenting in an
      > MSIE5.5 browser
      > to look like the tool's form, then it can be printed.

      Does this database tool return XML. If so just send an abbreviated example.

      Some thoughts on using xml with notetab

      on learning html with xml in mind.
      Learn xhtml instead of html and stick to the strict dtd.
      In doing so you will understand the concepts of well formedness and
      validation and the separation of structure from presentation which are also
      important concepts in xml.
      Learn JavaScript and how to use the DOM (DocumentObjectModel.)

      On using notetab with xml.
      If you are working in a m$oft environment you need to learn how to
      instantiate com objects in a suitable host for the ms xml parser is a com
      The HOSTS
      a) wsh as a client can instantiate COM objects
      b) ie5 as gui client can instantiate COM objects
      c) iis5 as a server can instantiate COM objects

      Using the WSH and notetab you can instantiate the ms xml parser(var doc =
      new ActiveXObject("microsoft.xmldom"). Load a local xml file
      then use dom methods to extract data from the file or directly manipulate it
      and then send any results back to Notetab with^$GetOutput()$
      You can also use the same methods to work with xml files on the web. How
      this is done was posted recently. see my post. RE: Re[2]: [NH] Opera and

      b) ie5.
      If you are working with an intranet which uses ie5 browsers then you can do
      the same sort of thing for the ie5 browser can host COM objects. Although
      you can use Data islands in ie I prefer to use a simular method as outlined
      above in a script block.
      var doc = new ActiveXObject("microsoft.xmldom"
      /*...use dom methods ....*/

      c) iis5 or iis4
      with asp jscript script block
      var doc = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");

      Of course you need to have a iis5 server installed on your system to test
      this. If you have w2k this is on disk as an install option otherwise
      download the nt4 option pack.
      The latest version of notetab enables you to preview your pages through a
      server. (great stuff)
      options/preview server side and set your path to the server here.

      The best way to learn about this stuff is by downloading the ms xml sdk
      available at.
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