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Re: [NH] Color

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  • Jody
    Hi Phil, ... Welcome to the computer world. There use to be a lot of my browser s better than your s discussions but we don t see as many of them anymore.
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 6, 2000
      Hi Phil,

      >It seems that color pickers are in that category. No right
      >answer. If you like what you use, that is the only one that is
      >any good.

      Welcome to the computer world. There use to be a lot of "my
      browser's better than your's" discussions but we don't see as
      many of them anymore.

      >I just spent an hour using various ones, and none is as easy and
      >simple as Joe Bartas' little Net-216-2 Even his Fancy one is
      >harder to use and more bother.

      I'll have to try his out if it is not browser dependent, but I
      have yet to find one I like better than BK Colour Coder,
      especially since I can get to it directly from NoteTab's Help
      menu. The only thing I dislike about it is you always have to
      uncheck the Default box to change colors. I don't use it to get
      default colors, but to use the tool to get a desktop color or see
      a color and get the code. It also allows for loading and saving
      different color palettes. It only takes a few minutes to figure
      out how to use.

      >After some thought, the other one said "If everybody thought the
      >way I think, nobody would be married to your squaw."

      haha - I'll be sending out on my Clean-Funnies list. Thanks!

      See ya in the funnies!
      Jody Adair


      If you haven't laughed at yourself today,
      you missed a good joke!
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