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RE: [NH] Differences between NoteTab Std/Light and Pro explained

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  • Mark McLaughlin
    Well said Eric! Cheers Mark McLaughlin - 250-744-4111 Twitter: @BestColorVideo ... Best Color Video Production - Social Media - Website Design
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      Well said Eric!


      Mark McLaughlin - 250-744-4111 Twitter: @BestColorVideo
      Best Color Video Production - Social Media - Website Design
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      > Subject: [NH] Differences between NoteTab Std/Light and Pro explained
      > Hi everyone,
      > Recently there have been several posts questioning "unexpected"
      > differences between NoteTab Std/Light and Pro. Although this
      > has been explained many times in the past, I realize this may
      > have been quite a few years ago. So here's a fresh
      > explanation on the subject. I hope you find useful.
      > NoteTab Std/Light uses the Windows Rich-Edit input control
      > and NoteTab Pro uses a third-party input control. These have
      > very different characteristics.
      > In 1996, the first versions of NoteTab used the Windows
      > Rich-Edit input control. There was no Pro version then.
      > Then in 1997, I found a third-party input control that
      > offered many benefits over the Rich-Edit input control. It
      > was extremely fast (and still is) as it was highly optimized
      > with lots of ASM code. It also offered many other benefits
      > that were not available in the Rich-Edit input control. At
      > that time, it was by far the best third-party input control.
      > That's the input control that I used to develop NoteTab Pro.
      > NoteTab Pro did (and still does) have one notable
      > disadvantage over NoteTab Std/Light. It only supports
      > mono-spaced fonts. Because that was an issue with some users,
      > I decided to keep both NoteTab variants.
      > Nowadays there are many third-party input controls available
      > to developers. Most offer advanced features that weren't
      > available in 1997 but are now popular with programmers. A
      > couple of the best input controls are used in many competing
      > text editors today. Did you ever wonder why they all have
      > such similar capabilities?
      > I can hear you ask "why doesn't Fookes Software just use one
      > of those great new input controls in NoteTab?"
      > The reason is simple. NoteTab is based on a lot of optimized
      > ASM and fast legacy code. Unfortunately, to use today's input
      > controls requires updating NoteTab's source code to support
      > Unicode. This is a difficult and extremely time consuming
      > task. As I explained in an earlier email, it is easier to
      > develop a new NoteTab editor than to update the legacy program code.
      > Why bother develop a NoteTab 7 version based on the old code?
      > Well, it's a lot faster than writing a brand new editor that
      > is as good as NoteTab.
      > And I still think that NoteTab is a superb product. It may
      > not look as pretty as some of the newer text editors, but you
      > can get a lot more work done in NoteTab than with the
      > competition. You'll have a hard time finding an editor that
      > is as fast as NoteTab Pro and also as feature rich.
      > Yes, NoteTab does have some weaknesses compared to many of
      > the newer text editors. But they only really affect a small
      > number of users. And I dare say these weaknesses are nothing
      > compared to the many unique productivity features NoteTab offers.
      > --
      > Regards,
      > Eric Fookes
      > http://www.fookes.com/
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