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RE: [NH] Pre-release #2 of NoteTab 7.0 available

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  • John Shotsky
    Thanks Eric! Now, the one feature I would love to see is the ability to call and ;return . You might think you could so that by simply writing extra clips
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 7, 2012
      Thanks Eric!

      Now, the one feature I would love to see is the ability to 'call' and ;return'. You might think you could so that by
      simply writing extra clips and using the clip command, but it's not that simple. My list of over 200 clip commands would
      explode to several hundred if I did that, because in one clip, there might be 20 'calls' depending on the state of the

      So, the way it would work is that a ^!Call [label] would be exactly like a GoTo, or a Jump EXCEPT that the line number
      of the Call+1 would be remembered, and upon seeing a ^!Return, it would resume processing after the Call. That way, a
      group of subfunctions that only apply to that clip subsection would be possible.

      The alternatives I know all too well � either write a separate clip for each 'subfunction' (not acceptable, since they
      only pertain to one section of one clip library), or you have to arrange the sequence of tests and processes in some
      sort of an order, and process through all of them, hoping you get the most complex first. That is most unsatisfactory,
      and results in trying to do too much at one time, which leads to errors later. OR you have to write the same code over
      and over, each time you need that function. The point is that these little subroutines could be called over and over
      within a given clip, so that when a certain condition is found, and a fix needed, it could be implemented by calling a
      subroutine, instead of duplicating that code each time it is needed. As we all know, it is far easier to manage a single
      instance of code than many instances of the same code plocked down in different places.

      Here is how, within one clip subsection, I would envision this working:
      Clip name: Process Data.
      Inside Process Data
      Find abc
      If error, skip +1
      call ABCRepair
      find def
      If error, skip +1
      Call DEFRepair
      goto AfterSubroutines

      Replace this for that
      Replace this for that

      That may seem very simplistic, but in fact it is more complicated than that. Let's say, for example, that you want to
      change case of some text based on some test. If the subroutine name is 'change case', and if the calling section stores
      a value to say what is to be changed, then the subroutine would use the variable to process and achieve the desired
      result. That subroutine could be called anywhere from within the body of the current clip section, and anything could be
      changed, based on the variable set by the calling function.

      This would be a HUGE step forward for NoteTab in terms of programmability. It is already the best, and we thank you for
      your insight and effort in bringing us what is easily the best such editor around. But this would help justify a price
      increase, while not adding substantially to the complexity of the system. (From a developer's view.)

      No options would be needed � a simple call to a subroutine and a simple return from it is all that would be needed,
      except error code for when the called subroutine doesn�t exist, or a return is encountered without a call to return to.
      Please give this some consideration. It would GREATLY simplify my life, where I could simply write functions that could
      be used over and over, exactly like separate clips can be used now, but for use ONLY within one clip section.

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      Hi John,

      > The problem:
      > The following command is supposed to add a 'tag' to the front of the line in which the cursor is located, at the time
      > the clip is activated:
      > ^!Jump LINE_START
      > ;^!Replace "^(.*::)?">> "Author::" RTS
      > ^!Jump +1

      Thanks for the info. The issue should now be fixed in update #3.


      Eric Fookes

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