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Re: [NH] Use Of target="_blank"

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  • Axel Berger
    ... Not odd at all, self-inflicted. In Firefox the setting is found in Tools-- Options-- Content-- Colors-- Allow pages...-- No The reason is that now all text
    Message 1 of 29 , Mar 28, 2011
      Ray Shapp wrote:
      > That's odd!

      Not odd at all, self-inflicted. In Firefox the setting is found in
      Tools-->Options-->Content-->Colors-->Allow pages...-->No

      The reason is that now all text on all pages is optimally legible
      whatever bad contrast and noisy background a misguided designer-artist
      may have chosen. As Jacob Nielsen keeps saying, people do not browse to
      pages to admire their beauty but to find things and get things done as
      quickly and as efficiently as possible. The default background of all
      elements except <BODY> is transparent and if I forbid changing that,
      that's what I'll get and hovering in front of other content won't work
      for text.

      Your mileage may vary, but whenever I turn colours back on for a page
      like that one I tend to leave it on for a while and I find that very
      soon the terrible abominations of taste I'm confronted with make me turn
      it off very soon again. But be that as it may, it is a fully legal
      setting that ALL browsers offer right there as a menu switch, so just
      like script on and off, a minimum font size, and varying window size
      conscientious designers have to be prepared for it and ensure their
      designs basic useability. An ugly kludge is fine, it is self inflicted
      by the visitor after all, but useable it has to be.

      One possibility would be hover an image, one white pixel with width and
      height in em, and hover the text in front of that. Contrary to script
      there is no way, not even employing script, to find out what the
      vistor's settings are so it's not possible to employ the cludge only
      when needed. With bad luck your image has exactly the visitor's font
      colour and will make things even worse.
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