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Re: [NH] NoteTab Pro and TopStyle

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    ... I m trying to determine if you are serious or just joking, but... Both NoteTab and TopStyle are Windows applications. They need Windows, or at least some
    Message 1 of 12 , Sep 19, 2010
      Interviewed by CNN on 19/9/2010 09:45, Dave told the world:
      > Hi
      > could I ask something
      > with linux you must use wine to get notetab to run plus top style .
      > or
      > with linux you install virtual box then install XP then notetab to run plus
      > top style .
      > what the point of XP and wine to get notetab then top style
      > would it make more sense install virtual box then linux and then wine and
      > then notetab ??

      I'm trying to determine if you are serious or just joking, but...

      Both NoteTab and TopStyle are Windows applications. They need Windows,
      or at least some reasonable facsimile, to run.

      Linux by itself is not a "reasonable facsimile." So, if you are running
      Linux (or BSD, or a Mac, for that matter) you need to add some sort of
      Windows layer between Linux and the Notetab/TopStyle.

      There are two main ways to do that:

      First way is to install an emulator like VirtualBox and run a virtual
      machine with a full copy of Windows inside it. This is guaranteed to run
      all, or at least very very nearly all, Windows applications without
      compatibility problems: you DO have a full Windows installation, of course.
      There are some problems with that approach:
      - It's resource intensive (lots of CPU, RAM and hard disk space)
      - You still need a Windows license
      - The applications "inside" the Windows virtual machine don't
      communicate well with the ones "outside." In fact, most of the time,
      it's like they are in an entirely different machine.
      - It kinda goes against the whole point of running Linux: you are still
      running Windows at the end of the day.

      The other way is to use a "compatibility layer" like Wine. Basically,
      Wine deceives the programs into "thinking" they are running on Windows
      when they are actually running in Linux. It's not nearly as resource
      intensive, and the programs communicate better with the Windows
      environment. Best of all, it's free (both free-as-in-beer and
      free-as-in-speech) and does not need you to purchase a Windows license
      in most cases.

      However, Wine is not without its limitations too. Some applications need
      lots of tweaks to run acceptably. Some just don't run in Wine, due to
      using weird Windows "tricks" that aren't documented and are difficult to

      So... I don't see the point of "installing Virtualbox, then Linux, then
      Wine, then Notetab." If you are running Linux in the first place, you
      don't have to install Virtualbox to run a SECOND instance of Linux. And
      if you are running Windows, you don't need Virtualbox, Linux OR Wine.


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